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About Coordinators

Who is a coordinator?

About Coordinators A Coordinator is a volunteer who runs the Box Tops program at a school. An enthusiastic Coordinator can make all the difference in the success of a school's Box Tops program!

What does a coordinator do?

  • Raise awareness and motivate supporters about the school's Box Tops Program.
  • Communicate the school's earnings progress to school supporters.
  • Organize and submit all the Box Tops collected by the school.

How can you help?

Coordinators appreciate all the help they can get! Here are some ways you can give your school's

  • Always send your Box Tops to school in bundles of 50.
  • Ask local businesses if they'd be willing to donate gift cards or other prizes for your school's collection contest.
  • Offer to make copies of collection sheets to hand out at school.
  • Volunteer to help bundle Box Tops at submission times (October and February).
  • Most of all, remember to thank your Coordinator for all their hard work

Interested in becoming your school's coordinator?

Talk to your school's administration. Then, sign up to create a Coordinator account online.

Send an email to your school's Coordinator:

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